SaaS Ninja

For when you need that ONE THING to just freaking work


You've already spent 42 hours picking out the perfect SaaS tools for each part of your business, and everything's working pretty well...
but there's just this ONE THING that just won't work

Maybe you need to get Infusionsoft to talk to Xero... 

Maybe you can't get WooCommerce to talk to Stripe...

Maybe you just need to get your beautifully written copy into a damn email sequence in ConvertKit and then get your subscribers from one sequence to another...

That's what SaaS Ninja is for.

We're in, we fix it, and we're out. Just that easy.

How it works


1) Quick 15-minute call to talk through what's going on

2) You get us access to your systems (that's the hardest part)

3) We slip in like a ninja, bend your systems to our will, and we're back out.




Psst... if you don't know what you need, let's hop on a quick call and talk it out



But what if you can't fix my problem? 

If your problem is something where there's really no fix (the software doesn't allow that function, etc.), we'll recommend some workarounds for you to choose. That might be a recommended move to a software that DOES fix it or operate the way you need it to, or it might just be a slightly awkward workflow that gets the job done.

We haven't yet run into something that just flat out can't be fixed, but we like challenges, so give it your best shot. 

Ugh, this is going to be one of those things that they say is easy but really takes 5 weeks isn’t it?

Nope. We're pretty big on efficiency around here (maybe a little obsessive about it). Once we have access to your systems, we normally wrap up most SaaS Ninja sessions with a day or two (sometimes faster). 

What if this is 2-3 ninja things? How do I know what’s ONE thing if they’re all connected?!!?!?

Most one-off problems will fall into SaaS Ninja territory. Here's some examples: 

  • You started using a new software and you need a few zaps set up so it talks to the rest of your software stack
  • For some reason, Stripe stopped talking to WooCommerce and you need it fixed

If you're looking at swapping out whole chunks of your system, or building a custom API, those would be larger projects that don't fall into SaaS Ninja scope, and we'd recommend starting with Unwind the Grind in these cases.

But, it's not on you to know that, it's on us.  The best way to figure it out, is just to ask. Book a quick chat with us here and we'll figure out what service is right for your particular challenge.

How do I know if this is ninja worthy or if this is a MUCH bigger project?

Ask us. Shoot us a chat (there's a little box at the bottom of the screen), an email, book a quick call or contact us and let us know what you're thinking.

We pride ourselves on being transparent about pricing, scope and our services. We do all our payments up front, so you know precisely what you'll be paying for, and a timeline that we stick to. So, all you need to do is ask. 

Would you work with my existing team?

Of course. We become an extension of your team, so if you want us to work with other folks instead of you directly, just let us know who's authorized to direct us, and we'll work with them instead.

Is there on-boarding involved? There’s no way you’re really in-and-out….is there?!?!?!

There is some on-boarding involved. It's a 15-minute kickoff call, with the main purpose to get us access to your systems, so we can do what needs to be done. That's pretty much it, though. That's the hardest part these days, with secret questions and two-factor authentication in lots of systems. So, we'll walk through it on the phone and make sure we're in where we need to be to your main systems, so when you call, we really CAN be in and out. 


If you're not sure WHAT you need... schedule a quick chat to talk through what's going on.