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You probably have a sense that your business is losing time and money by having inefficient systems. Getting paid by clients, hiring new staff members, even making crucial business decisions -- everything takes longer than it “should” because your systems don’t work together and you have to do everything manually.

Everything feels disconnected. You fix a problem in one place, and it just pops up somewhere else. You feel like you’re playing a game of whack-a-mole with your to-do list instead of getting things done.

Straighten The Stack™ helps you choose the right systems for your business -- so they’ll actually connect and make your life easier.

Instead of promising one software that will solve all of your problems, I look at your entire software ecosystem (otherwise known as your software stack) and make personalized recommendations just for your business.

I’ll sit down with you, learn how your business operates now, how you want it to operate, and recommend the right tools for you. You’ll get a full roadmap to implement and fix your systems, so that everything starts running far more smoothly and you can spend your time working with clients (or, ya know, taking a vacation).   


How it works

In just 5 days, you’ll have a full software plan in-hand.

Step 1.  Pre-Interview Questions

I’ll send over a short questionnaire for you to complete that gathers:  

  • Basic info about your business

  • Your priorities/focus for our work together

  • What your current software stack looks like

Step 2. Interview

Via video chat, I’ll sit down with you for a detailed, 2-hour interview to understand every detail of how you operate. We’ll cover:

  • Short & long term business goals

  • Walk through how your clients move through your systems

  • Sales, Accounting, HR and Client Management processes

  • Your current software and existing processes - what you love, what you hate

Step 3. Straighten The Stack™ Master Plan

Within 5 days of the interview, I’ll send you a written plan with software recommendations based on how you operate.

Your Master Plan includes:

  • Software recommendations (for your whole operations)

  • Software Cost Comparison (what’s the cost to switch)

  • Time Savings Estimate (how much time and money the new systems will save you))

  • System Map (how all the new tools will connect to one another)

Step 4. Road Map for Implementation (1 hr, delivered via zoom)

After you’ve had a chance to review the MasterPlan, we’ll jump on a 1-hour video call to go over it together.

We’ll cover:

  • Why I’ve recommended each software choice

  • Confirm each recommendation is the right fit

  • The best way to implement your plan

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Straighten The Stack™ is for you if…

  • Your bookkeeper takes forever to reconcile your books each month. You spend a ton of time managing them and they still mess stuff up. That means when it’s time to make decisions about your business, you can’t trust your data.

  • You wish you could stop sending eleventy-billion emails back and forth to keep your team informed. The average person spends 13 hours a week on email - wouldn’t you like those hours back?

  • You’re sick of having to update Asana AND Google Sheets every time there’s an update to a prospect. Even though it’s necessary, it’s annoying and it feels like a waste of your time.

  • You’ve tried all the latest and greatest project management tools – Trello, Basecamp, and Monday… but you still can’t tell which one is right for your business. And they won’t freaking do what you need them to do.

  • You have this nagging feeling that it should be easier to get clients to pay on time, onboard new employees, or figure out how much you spent on marketing last year. Except no matter what you try, or how many times you call support, everything still feels mostly manual.


Here’s Why Your Systems Really Matter...

  • Having the wrong invoicing and payment system can means your clients take 2.5 months longer to pay you. This means you’re missing out on 2 whole months of cash flow, just because it’s hard for your clients to pay you.

  • Because of your bookkeeper, you don’t have up-to-date financials, so you can’t decide if you should hire that new staff member. You can’t make timely business decisions when your data is 6 weeks old.

    You pride yourself on a high-touch, high-value service, but sometimes client communication just slips through the cracks and you drop the ball. You’re losing clients who could have become raving fans.


All of those minutes and dollars add up!


With your current systems, you’re wasting thousands of hours of manual work per year – usually the equivalent of at least 1 to 2 full-time staff members.

In terms of cold, hard cash, you’re probably letting $10,000 slip through the cracks every month.


 What could you do with an extra $120,000 and 2,500 more hours each year?

Let me help you strike this operations BEAST off your to-do list - once and for all.


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With the right software & proper setup, you’ll be able to:

  • Handle your own bookkeeping in just a few minutes a month, from your phone, anywhere in the world.

  • Onboard employees in a friendly, helpful way with just an email address

  • Pay your employees and contractors (and those pesky taxes) without lifting a finger

  • Keep your team on task and informed without sending a single email

  • Know where your sales and costs are at any second of the day

  • Provide amazing customer service for your clients - even if it’s outside of normal business hours

  • Qualify leads and book sales meetings while you’re sleeping.


Your Business Could Look Like This…

You head into the office in the morning…

As you relax with your cup of coffee, you check your calendar and notice that clients booked 2 sales meetings overnight.

They’re both for way bigger projects than you’ve been handling before - but that’s no big deal. You’ve freed up a bunch of staff time by automating, so they’re free to handle the new business.

Time to check in on all your active projects - you check your dashboard and see that all 10 projects are on schedule and under budget. No emails sent, no phone calls made.

Everything is under control.

You head to lunch with a colleague, and while you're waiting for 5 minutes before he arrives, you do your bookkeeping from your phone. Done for the month!

You also need to send out the paperwork for a new hire, so you grab their email address, enter it into the payroll system, and the automations take care of the rest. Done!

Your friend arrives, you have a relaxing and productive lunch.

Head back to the office and you get a notification that your client already paid the invoice you sent out at lunch.

Your day is barely half over and you’ve already dealt with the most critical items on your To Do list...effortlessly.

This is not a dream.

I’ve seen businesses in EVERY industry achieve this and more -- you just need the right systems, a little bit of tech support, and the right processes in place to make it happen.

I love how Susan just casually throws out an incredibly magical and efficient all-around perfect solution like it’s nothin’
Rachel Jordan • 929 Marketing
Susan has a very authentic way to work. No bullshit and I really appreciate that. She offers data and solutions up the way they should be offered up.
Chris Strompolos • Fanology Social

Straighten the Stack™ is how we get you from here to there.

It lays out the software you need to get to your specific business goals, and makes sure they all work together. So you can get paid faster, close more - and bigger! - contracts, hire more people, and manage your office without wanting to tear your hair out.

And by having a plan, you won’t have to jump into a big implementation project blind. You’ll get to work with us before implementing to make sure we’re the right fit to help you implement your new software tools. And if we’re not? You’ll still walk away with a plan that will meet all of your business needs.

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What does the end deliverable of this process look like?

You can see a sample report by clicking the link below.  Note that all specific company (and application) information has been removed.

Can I hire you to implement the plan after Straighten the Stack™?

Absolutely. While your MasterPlan is comprehensive enough that you could take it and implement on your own, you might not want to - it’s a ton of work (and you’re probably not an expert at software implementation - that’s what I’m here for).

As part of the Straighten the Stack™ process, we’ll talk through the best ways for you to implement the plan - sometimes that means us doing it for you.

How long does this process take?

You'll receive your Master Plan within 5 days of your initial Interview Session.

Other Questions?