Straighten The Stack™

Because no one wants to be this guy…
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Your Systems Really Matter


The software you use can make or break your business operations.

Lack of functionality, integrations, and flexibility can severely hinder your ability to work, grow, and take on new clients.


For example…

  • Having the wrong invoicing and payment system can means your clients take 2.5 months longer to pay you. This means you’re missing out on 2 whole months of cash flow, just because it’s hard for your clients to pay you.

  • Because of your bookkeeper, you don’t have up-to-date financials, so you can’t decide if you should hire that new staff member. You can’t make timely business decisions when your data is 6 weeks old.

  • You pride yourself on a high-touch, high-value service, but sometimes client communication just slips through the cracks and you drop the ball. You’re losing clients who could have become raving fans.


Software should be an Ecosystem...Not a Disjointed Puzzle


If you’re like most companies, you added bits and pieces as you grew. A tool here, another app there…taking app recommendations from friends and colleagues.

Unfortunately, instead of a fully integrated stack, now you’ve got this tangled mess of software. You’ve bent these programs to your far. But everything’s disjointed. Nothing talks to each other, nothing’s centralized, and you can’t visualize or see projects (or your finances) at will.

It takes 12 emails to figure out what everyone is doing, and your bookkeeping is weeks behind. Onboarding new clients takes days...and sometimes you miss things, even with a checklist. (If you have one and don’t just hope you remember to do it.)


To solve these problems you need to look at how your software connects, and how everything functions together -- not just whether the pieces work in isolation.

You need to Straighten Your Stack.


Straighten The Stack™ will help you map out your systems, so you can...

  • Cut costs by reducing and eliminating dysfunctional and underused software

  • Automate away time-consuming manual tasks so even your most junior team members can spend their time on valuable, client-focused tasks

  • Onboard new clients with ease, sending contracts, invoices, and other documentation automatically

  • Centralize communications so your entire team stays in the loop at all times, without bothering you

  • Visualize projects and financial projections easily -- so you know if you’re on track to reach your goals in a single glance


How it works

In just 5 days, you’ll have a full software plan in-hand.

Step 1.  Pre-Interview Questions

I’ll send over a questionnaire for you to complete that gathers:  

  • Basic info about your business

  • Your priorities/focus for our work together

  • What your current software stack looks like

Step 2. Interview

Via video chat, I’ll sit down with you for a detailed, 2-hour interview to understand every detail of how you operate. We’ll cover:

  • Short & long term business goals

  • Walk through how your clients move through your systems

  • Sales, Accounting, HR and Client Management processes

  • Your current software and existing processes - what you love, what you hate

Step 3. Software Blueprint

Within 5 days of the interview, I’ll send you a written plan with software recommendations based on how you operate.

Your Software Blueprint includes:

  • Software recommendations (for your whole operations)

  • Software Cost Comparison (what’s the cost to switch)

  • Time Savings Estimate (how much time and money the new systems will save you))

  • System Map (how all the new tools will connect to one another)

Step 4. Road Map for Implementation (1 hr, delivered via zoom)

After you’ve had a chance to review your Software Blueprint, we’ll jump on a 1-hour video call to go over it together.

We’ll cover:

  • Why I’ve recommended each software choice

  • Confirm each recommendation is the right fit

  • The best way to implement your plan

Timeline: 5 days

Investment: $2,499


Wanna see Straighten the Stack™ in action?


There is no one magic software that will solve all of your problems -- trust me. I’ve tried everything on the market today.

But the right combination of software can revolutionize your business.

Your current systems are wasting thousands of hours of manual work per year – usually the equivalent of at least 1 to 2 full-time staff members.

In terms of cold, hard cash, you’re probably letting $10,000 slip through the cracks every month.

What could you do with an extra $120,000 and 2,500 more hours each year?

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