Herding Cats MasterPlan™

Your step-by-step roadmap to fully automated software systems that let you scale and grow an already complex agency.

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Choosing or implementing a single software, without thinking about how it works with rest of your tools means inefficiency and lost time and money.

If your new software doesn’t integrate with your existing tech stack, you’re stuck manually entering data in multiple places, waiting on people to generate reports, and on manual process to get paid.

As your agency grows, the workload just gets heavier - managing HR, accounting, keeping all the producers informed… you can’t just hire more admin staff - something has to change.

The Herding Cats MasterPlan™ shows you how to develop automated systems for your entire organization...

so you can stop feeling like a counselor at a creative camp, chasing everyone around.

I look at your entire software ecosystem and your business operations goals, and make personalized software recommendations to create systems that work for you.

I’ll sit down with you, learn how your business operates now, how you want it to operate, and recommend the right tools for you. So you don’t have to spend time figuring out what software your agency should be using, trailing 105 different project management apps, talking to sales reps for 10 different payroll systems, and fighting to get Quickbooks to do what you need it to do.   


How it works

Step 1.  Operations Chief Interview

I’ll interview your Operation Chief (via video chat, for about 1.5 hours) to determine broad goals and existing processes.We’ll cover:

  • Short & long term agency goals

  • Basic workflow (sales, client management, accounting & HR)

  • Current software & processes

Step 2. Expert Interviews

I’ll sit down with up to 4 of your subject matter experts (Sales, Client Management, Accounting, etc.) to gather more detailed information. These conversations will be about an hour long each, and also take place via video chat.

We’ll cover:

  • What are your department goals (short & long term)?

  • Add details to the workflow (how do you do each step?)

  • How are your existing tools working?

  • What do you want to see in a new system?

Step 3. Herding Cats Masterplan™

I’ll deliver a written plan with my recommendations on how to simplify and automate your business - and how to save money and time.

Key Features:

  • Software Cost Comparison - our recommendations versus your existing tools

  • Savings Estimate - how much time and money will implementing these tools save you?

  • Workflow Documentation - of both your existing processes and our new, recommended processes

  • System Map - how all our recommendations work together

Step 4. Workshop

Finally, I’ll meet (via video chat) with your leadership team (CEO/CFO/COO/Managing Partners/etc.) to go over your MasterPlan. This meeting will take about 1.5 hours.

We’ll cover:

  • Demos of key pieces of recommended software

  • Why these are the best tools for your agency

  • What implementation would look like - scope, timeline, levels of support

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 The Herding Cats MasterPlan is for you if:

  • You started out running Asana + Google Sheets, but now it’s just become unwieldy. You know you outgrew that system a while ago (and you’re not really sure how accurate it is anyway) – but what should you use now?

  • You’ve researched and tested all the software – including that shiny new project management software with all the bells and whistles – but for some reason, they aren’t helping.

  • You have another new employee to onboard and get trained, and you’re dreading the paperwork, the struggle to get them up to speed, and the headache of trying to keep up with all the other balls in the air.

  • You just got thrown a new task of “automating workflow” or “streamlining traffic management” and you’re not quite sure where to start.

 Here’s Why Your Systems Matter…

  • Humans suck at data entry. By entering data manually you’re 30% more likely to make mistakes - and when it comes to sales and payments, those mistakes can have major consequences for your cashflow.

  • You’re wasting time duplicating data. Because every minute you’re entering data from one system to another is time you’re taking away from higher-value activities, like prospecting and completing client work.

  • Clients can take up to 20% longer to pay you when you use manual invoicing and payment systems. That’s 2.5 months of dragged out cashflow!

  • Email is hoovering up your time. The average person spends 13 hours a week reading and writing emails. Automated systems give you that time back to do literally anything else..

  • First impressions matter. Bringing clients onboard is your first chance to show them how amazing it is to work with you. Having a solid process, with automation built in, means every client gets first-class treatment without you having to put in any extra effort.


All those minutes & dollars add up

  • With your current systems, you’re wasting thousands of hours of manual work per year - usually the equivalent of at least 3-4 full-time staff members.

  • In terms of cold, hard cash you’re probably letting $20,000 slip through the cracks each month


What could YOUR business do with $240,000 and 5,000 extra hours each year?


When you have the right software and it’s set up properly,
you’ll be able to:

  • Get up-to-the-second stats on your business financials & accurately forecast revenue

  • Onboard employees in a friendly, helpful way with just an email address

  • Pay your employees and contractors (and those pesky taxes) without lifting a finger

  • Keep your team on task and informed without sending a single email

  • Deliver better, faster service to your clients (even when you’re not around), so they become raving fans


The ultimate goal here is:

  • Systems that can scale easily as your business grows

  • Using a few robust software tools, instead of juggling dozens of different apps

  • Software that’s easy to train employees how to use

  • Employees who know what they’re supposed to do, and when

  • Everyone on your team knowing what’s going on with any client, at any given time

  • You and your employees spending your time on things that bring higher value to the company

  • No longer worrying if you’re missing out on that magic piece of software that will solve all your problems (FOMO, anyone?)

  • The peace of mind that your business is running smoothly, effectively, and efficiently

Susan has a very authentic way to work. No bullshit and I really appreciate that. She offers data and solutions up the way they should be offered up. This is going to work, this isn’t going to work. If you do this, it’s going to do this, and so black and white, really just clean information, straight to the point, it’s not candy-coated.
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Instead of herding cats everyday, your business could look like this…


You head into the office in the morning…

As you relax with your cup of coffee, you check your CRM and notice that your sales team booked five meetings with new prospects overnight.

You hop into your dashboards to see that your revenue forecasts are a solid green for the next six months. You click a button to automatically generate the updated financial reports and send them over to the managing partners.

Time to check in on all the active projects. You pop over to your project dashboard, and see everything is on-time and under budget. Profit is way up this quarter!

You drill into the details for each project and see your whole team is up-to-date on the latest client communication. You still haven’t sent a single email.

You check in on your A/R and see that all your clients already received invoices (automatically)... oh, and they already paid, too.

The team is growing, so you need to shoot out some paperwork for the new hire. You  grab their email address, enter it into the payroll system and the automations take care of the rest. Done!

You’re only an hour into your day and you’ve already dealt with the most critical items on your To Do list...effortlessly.


The best part is...

You don’t have to become a software nerd overnight – or expect your right-brained employees to suddenly become process experts.


Going from here to there doesn’t have to be painful.

In less than 2 weeks, you can have a complete plan that lays out the software tools you need, how they all work together, and even now much money and time they’ll save your business. All hand-picked just for your company and its unique needs.

And by having a MasterPlan, you won’t have to jump into a big implementation project blind. You’ll get to work with us before implementing to make sure we’re the right fit to help you implement your new software tools. And if we’re not? You’ll still walk away with a plan that will meet all of your business needs.

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What happens if I don't hire you for any implementation services after the MasterPlan?

That's no problem at all. If you get your blueprint and decide to implement it on your own - great! The goal with the MasterPlan process is so that, even if you don't hire us after it's over, you'll still walk away with an actionable plan and recommended technologies that can improve your business operations and help you simplify and automate your processes. 

How long does this process take?

You'll receive your Masterplan within 5 days after completing our interviews with your team.

Do you consider the software we already use?

I always ask about the software you’re currently using - that’s a big chunk of what we talk about during your interview session. I want to know why you’re using it, what you like and don’t like about it. If it’s something that works well, that you love and that will work with everything else in your MasterPlan, I’ll probably recommend you keep using it.

If it’s something you don’t like, causes problems or would limit your ability to automate, I’ll give you some alternative options that would work better, and I’ll be clear on what limitations you’ll have if you choose to keep the old system.

Do we really have to start here? Can’t we just move on to implementation?

Yes, you really do have to start here. I can’t recommend software to make your business run better if I don’t understand how your business runs in the first place. And we can’t implement something if we don’t know what we’re implementing.   

Do you have a whitepaper or a one pager for me to use to pitch the idea to my management team?

Yep… here ya go!

Other Questions?