Scale Support

Not your dad's tech support


You want to move fast and break things,
just not the systems that make your business run. 

When your business is constantly evolving, so are the tools you're using to run them.


You have tons of new ideas you want to try, but struggle to find the time to execute or procrastinate setup because it's just too hard? 

You know just what you need to do to improve your process, but you aren't doing it because the setup will take too much time? 

Just want to make sure that your systems are always up and running, just the way you need them to be? 

That's what ScaleSpark Support is here for.

Operations + Tech Support

To help you scale faster without screaming in frustration


How it works

1)  30 minute kickoff call

  • We jump through all the hoops (and double-secret verification) to get access to your systems, so we're ready when you call. 

2) You email, chat, slack or call us and we fix it, modify it or set it up.


Yes... it really is that easy. That's kind of the point. 

You're wasting your valuable time fighting your systems

How much could you grow if you spent that time on your business? 



Our Service Packages

All our support packages include: 

  • Making your life easier. You tell us what's wrong or what you want to change, and go back to doing the things.
  • Explaining what we're doing in real words (not technical mumbo jumbo) 
  • Unlimited questions. If you're debating switching systems or trying to figure out how to do something it the ones you've got, just ask. 



  • Email & Slack Support
  • Response within 48 hours
  • Resolve within 3-4 days 
  • Includes 1 SaaS Ninja session per month*



  • Email, Chat & Slack Support
  • Response within 24 hours
  • Resolve within 48 hours
  • Up to 3 SaaS Ninja sessions per month*
  • 30-min systems check-in call each month



  • Email, Chat, Slack & Phone Support
  • Response within 12 hours
  • Resolve within 24 hours
  • Unlimited SaaS Ninja Sessions
  • Weekly systems check-in calls


*For Silver & Gold customers, additional SaaS Ninja sessions are available on-demand for $400 each

Scale Support is only available to customers who have completed a SaaS Ninja or Unwind the Grind. This gives us a chance to work together in the real world and see if it's the right fit. 

If you're not sure WHAT you need... schedule a quick chat to talk through what's going on.



But what if you can't fix my problem? 

If your problem is something where there's really no fix (the software doesn't allow that function, etc.), we'll recommend some workarounds for you to choose. That might be a recommended move to a software that DOES fix it or operate the way you need it to, or it might just be a slightly awkward workflow that gets the job done.

We haven't yet run into something that just flat out can't be fixed, but we like challenges, so give it your best shot. 

Ugh, this is going to be one of those things that they say is easy but really takes 5 weeks isn’t it?

Nope. We're pretty big on efficiency around here (maybe a little obsessive about it). We guarantee our response times above. If we don't hit that mark, you get a free month of service. On the rare occasion you do run into something that doesn't fit the scope of service because it's that big (like switching out a bunch of your systems), we'll let you know that up front and we can discuss it as a stand-alone project, with it's own scope and timeline. 

What if this is 2-3 ninja things? How do I know what’s ONE thing if they’re all connected?!!?!?

Most one-off problems will fall into SaaS Ninja territory. Here's some examples: 

  • You started using a new software and you need a few zaps set up so it talks to the rest of your software stack
  • For some reason, Stripe stopped talking to WooCommerce and you need it fixed

If you're looking at swapping out whole chunks of your system, or building a custom API, those would be larger projects that don't fall into SaaS Ninja scope, and we'd recommend starting with Unwind the Grind in these cases.

But, it's not on you to know that, it's on us. 

So, whatever you're having a challenge with, just shoot us a slack or an email and we'll talk about it. If it's something that's too big to fit within the scope, we'll let you know and give you some options for how we can tackle that problem. 

We don't charge you extra for asking questions - so ask away.

How do I know if this is ninja worthy or if this is a MUCH bigger project?

Ask us. Shoot us a chat, an email or a slack message and let us know what you're thinking.

We pride ourselves on being transparent about pricing, scope and our services. If it's something that doesn't fit in the scope of your support package, we'll tell you and offer you options on how to handle it, either with a project with us, or implementing the solution on your own. 

Would you work with my existing team?

Of course. We become an extension of your team, so if you want us to work with other folks instead of you directly, just let us know who's authorized to direct us, and we'll work with them instead.

Is there on-boarding involved? There’s no way you’re really in-and-out….is there?!?!?!

There is some on-boarding involved during the first month. It's a 30-minute kickoff call, with the main purpose to get us access to your systems, so we can do what needs to be done. That's pretty much it, though. That's the hardest part these days, with secret questions and two-factor authentication in lots of systems. So, we'll walk through it on the phone and make sure we're in where we need to be to your main systems, so when you call, we really CAN be in and out. 

How does payment work? 

We have 2 options: 

(1) Pay upfront for 12 months of service and get a 20% discount. We'll charge you via Xero invoice, with payment links embedded for either ACH transfer or credit card. 

(2) Pay monthly - we'll charge your credit card on the first of each month for that month of service. So, we'll charge you on March 1st for your March service. 

For any work outside of the scope, we'll let you know before we do anything that it's a bigger project, and we'll talk through options of how to handle that. If it's something that can be phased, we might be able to phase it to work inside of the scope over a period of a few months. If that's an option, we'll let you know. 

If you have a month where you have a few more issues that normal, you always have the option to pay for more SaaS Ninja sessions at $400 each.  If that starts happening regularly, it's in your best interest to jump up to a higher support package, so we'll probably recommend that, but we won't force you into a different package. 

Why can't I just get started? Why do I have to do the SaaS Ninja or Unwind the Grind first?

Our Scale Support service is ongoing - we end up becoming a part of your team - and the best way to hire is to see someone in action first. By working together on an initial project, we can figure out if we work well together in the real work and if it's the right fit. 

If you're not sure WHAT you need... schedule a quick chat to talk through what's going on.