Stay in your Zone of Genius

I’ll tackle the details so you can do the deep work


You want to do that THING that you love — that you created a business around.

But instead of doing that thing ONLY YOU can do, you’re drowning in minutia and spreadsheets. Too busy getting sucked into that thing that was supposed to take 5 minutes but ends up taking an hour (or all day) instead of doing the work you’re here to do.

You’re on your second (or eighth, or tenth) VA, bookkeeper, executive assistant… and you just can’t face another disappointment. You were sure this time, you’d found someone who could just make it happen. A problem solver who could just take what needed to be done and go do it.

Except they were just like the last one — waiting around for you to tell them what to do.

You have a vision, you know where you want your business to go — but you need the right help to get there.

And the people you’ve been finding -- VAs, bookkeepers, assistants — the people everyone tells you to hire...aren’t actually helping.

Now you’re back to square zero, looking for someone who has initiative and gets things done. Someone you can hand your latest project or your client onboarding over to and trust them to just do it. And do it right. The first time.

That person is rarer than stumbling on a unicorn in a sea of zebras.  Most VAs won’t cut it, no matter how much you train them.

The truth don’t need a VA or an Assistant.

You need an Integrator.

Whether you want to call them a project manager, online business manager (OBM), Chief of Operations (COO) or Chief of Staff, an Integrator is THE PERSON who owns the details of the day-to-day — your number two.

Someone with experience, who intimately understands your vision AND your business — who can conduct the symphony, not just play a few notes.

A good integrator:

  • Manages projects

  • Manages people

  • Develop streamlined processes (and implement them)

  • Enforce those processes with your team

Someone who actually takes things off your plate and allows you, as the founder, to focus on the things that ONLY you can do. They shoulder the burden of running the business (and usually the team) day-to-day.


Why Me?

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As a COO and CFO for high growth companies and universities, I’ve managed human resources for departments of 370+, annual budgets of $100M and enterprise-level software implementations. I’ve started and managed 5 businesses of my own and have a deep understanding of what makes businesses run efficiently.

Your Zone of Genius might be creating amazing online courses, writing kickass copy, designing beautiful and useful websites.

My Zone of Genius is making the day-to-day operations of a business seem effortless.

I focus on:

  • Accounting

  • Human Resources

  • Client Management

  • Project Management

  • Software Tools, Apps & Systems

All the stuff you probably hate dealing with, and need someone to just take off your plate.

For good.

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What does it include?

Every business is unique and every business owner needs something slightly different, so I customize my services to exactly what you need.

But… some of the ways I work with clients are:

  • Human Resources Advisory

  • Client Onboarding/Offboarding & Everything In Between

  • Selecting just the right software tools, making them work together (and keeping them working seamlessly)

  • Bookkeeping/Financial Reporting

  • Business Advisory

  • Team Management (that includes your contractors)  

How much does it cost?

Every business needs something different, so we scope out each engagement individually. But, as a ballpark, monthly services start at $1,500 for small teams (1-2 staff members) & solopreneurs, and increase from there, based on the size of your team and type of services you’re looking for.

My guarantee

It’s a big decision to trust someone with your business — and it’s hard to know if it’s the right fit before we actually work together. That’s why I offer a 30-day 100% money back guarantee.