Technology is coming for you

Accountants were listed as the number 1 job most at risk from automation over the next 20 years (2015 PwC study).  Literally, number 1. The future of accounting is changing. Can you feel it? 

But, you don't need to be one of those people. You can see the train of the future coming and you want to get on board - you're just not quite sure how to get there.  We're here to help.

Make a move

We understand what a huge undertaking a move to the cloud is.
It's scary to move away from the safe tools you've always used (hello, QB Desktop - we're talking about you).

But what if you could work half as hard for double the profit?

That's the beauty of automation and having a cloud-based practice.
It means that you can become more efficient and that means,
 More Profits, Lower Costs and More Time for you.

It means you can deliver more value to your clients, with less work on your part. 

Harness technology to bring more impact to what you do, not replace you.

Did you know that cloud-based accounting firms add 5 times the amount of clients of traditional firms?

What we do

✔ Transition your practice to cloud-based tools (accounting, payroll, receipts/statement management, etc.)

✔ Drastically reduce your software costs

✔ Create documentation for all the new processes, including designing your new client on-boarding process

✔ Training - you and your staff will be experts in the cloud when we're done 

✔ Help you design new service offerings, like advisory services, that bring more value to your clients (with minimal time or financial investment on your part)

Optional Services:

✔ White-label our services and offer our automation & streamlining services to your clients

✔ Convert all your existing clients to cloud services

How does it work?

Start with a MasterPlan

We'll sit down with you to discuss how you're currently operating, what systems you're working with and talk about the challenges you've been facing with moving to the cloud. When we're finished with the process, you'll walk away with a documented plan that shows:

  • What cloud-based tools you should implement, along with a system map

  • Estimated time and cost savings (personalized to your business) if you implement

  • Suggested additional services to offer or pricing changes, designed to increase your overall profitability

At this point, you can either decide to take the plan and implement it yourself, or you can hire us to implement it for you.

Interested in working with us?
Let's chat and see if we're a good fit.