Growth Management


 For When You Need Someone Who Can Just Get It Done

And by “it” I don’t mean paperwork or administrative tasks. I mean big-picture, goal oriented action, like:

  • Project managing your entire team so you can get out from under the day-to-day operations and focus on growth

  • Reconstructing workflows and processes to eliminate bottlenecks -- so you have the capacity to take on more clients with the same team

  • Enforcing processes and managing personnel so you don’t HAVE to worry about daily management or HR duties

  • Automating systems and processes so you can easily take back a dozen hours a week -- and spend that time building your business


 Your business can’t run itself...Yet.


Handing over operations can be messy, and can cost you ridiculous amounts of money and time in work hours alone. And that’s not counting the missed opportunity costs while you straighten the mess so you can take on more clients.

But delegating the way everyone tells you to means you’re effectively handing operations over to a VA or OBM... and that can be a complete disaster.

You’re still managing people -- i.e., handing out tasks, and telling them what to do. And they’ll still look to you to fix things when something goes wrong.

Look, I’ll be honest: any transition can be messy when you’re not properly prepared for it.

That’s why I developed the Growth Management process. So we can troubleshoot major issues first.

Then complete a seamless transition into me running your day-to-day operations -- whether it’s IT, Finance, HR, Project Management, or all of the above.


There are three stages to the Growth Management process:

Stage 1: Growth Blueprint

Getting from where you are to where you want to go.

Covering IT, Finance, HR, and Project Management, the Growth Blueprint lays out exactly what you need to do to make growth possible for your company again.

Over 4-6 weeks I’ll take a comprehensive deep-dive into your business and operations. Together, we’ll go over your business goals and your vision for the future of the business (and this role).  Then we’ll map out where you’re getting stuck, and figure out which parts of your system are blocking your growth.

Stage 2: Ramp Up

Laying the foundations for a growth-based business.

Once the Growth Blueprint has been completed, I’ll get to work setting up the necessary foundations to fix your business.

This often includes implementing new software, defining your processes, and starting to make changes. While the exact details are specific to your business, know that during this phase, we’re setting up so that I can take over without things becoming a disaster.

And once everything is in place, it’ll keep running smoothly without becoming a mess.

Stage 3: Ongoing Management

Getting out from under the burden of day-to-day operations.

This is where the real magic happens. After we’ve set up the proper foundations, I’ll step in and start doing the day-to-day management. So you can get out of the weeds and back to growing your business.

And with your growth plan already mapped out in the Growth Blueprint, you’ll know exactly what to hand over to me and when. So I can continue to support you and your team as you keep growing.


Why Me?

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I’ve built, researched, and implemented software and other systems for a huge variety of organizations – from the US military to major universities, small retail shops, and marketing agencies. I’ve managed annual budgets of $100M+ as a CFO and departments of 370+ people as the head of HR.

I’ve owned 4 businesses and am intimately familiar with how operations can derail a company or be the secret key to success.  

Creating processes for everything from HR to finance, accounting, project management, and even client management, is my specialty.

Because when you create a solid process, you make the decision once and never have to make it again. The amount of time and mental energy you save is huge.

But only if the process is solid -- if it’s not, it can actually hinder you and your team.

Seeing through the mess to find order is what I’m best at -- and that includes keeping you and your team on track as you grow.

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Who is this for?

Growth Management services are perfect for you if:

  • You need someone who can make higher level decisions than a VA AND manage the day-to-day operations the way an OBM or project manager would

  • You need someone on your team for an extended period of time, not just a one-off project or a quick consulting contract

  • You need a partner who you can bounce ideas off of regarding growth -- and who will tell you if the company is setup properly for it

  • You need someone who will help you build a better company and suggest improvements, not just work within your existing systems

Engagements Starting at: $4000/month


Imagine knowing that you’ve got the capacity and the systems to grow…

And when that urgent client email comes’ve got a solid #2 to hand it to.

When a strategic growth opportunity pops up, you’ve got someone to talk it over with.

And if you jump on it, you’ve got someone who can help you make it happen.


Do more of the right work — let me handle the rest.