The Growth Blueprint

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Go From Stalled to Skyrocket


The path from where you are now to 2x revenue and beyond can be really murky. Especially when you’re in the thick of things every day -- dealing with finance, IT, HR, project management, and totally maxed out on keeping things running smoothly.

You know you need help...but VAs and OBMs don’t really cut it.

Sure, they’re great at executing and doing what you tell them to do...but when YOU don’t know what’s stopping your growth, how can they?

You’re still the one holding everything together -- managing, delegating, and overseeing. You’re at the center of it all.


In order to grow, you need to rebuild your entire backend with systems that are designed to run without you.


No more bottlenecks.

No more project management.

No more spending-3-hours-wrestling-with-payroll.


Just smooth-as-silk, automated systems that leave you, and your team, free to do more of the right work -- not more paperwork.


The Growth Blueprint provides a complete map of your operations, so you can:

  • Remove workflow bottlenecks that cause project delays and keep you from taking on more clients

  • Streamline your systems so information flows smoothly between team members, without your involvement

  • Eliminate unnecessary, clunky processes that hinder your productivity instead of helping you

  • Automate away time-consuming manual tasks so even your most junior team members can spend their time on valuable, client-focused tasks

  • Visualize projects and financial projections easily -- so you can make key growth decisions with more ease and confidence than ever before

  • Spend less time managing your team and more time on work that actually grows your business


The Process

Stage 1: Questionnaire/Assessment + Access

The first step is to complete an extensive questionnaire, telling me all about your priorities, visions, goals and an in-depth look at what your business is all about and what you’re trying to achieve. And… getting access to the tools you use to do your business.

Stage 2: Kickoff Call & In-Depth Interview

In a 2-hour deep-dive call, I’ll dig deeper into the issues or challenges I found during the questionnaire. So I can really get to know you and your business, and make suggestions that will get you to where you want to go.

Stage 3: Observation

Then, I’ll hang out in the background of your operations for a week or so, just watching. I get my fingers on the pulse of your business, watching how your data flows and where it goes. Learning how your team likes to communicate, what your strengths are, and where you get stuck.

Stage 4: Building the Growth Blueprint

Keeping in mind business goals, I’ll start building out your Growth Blueprint. You’ll get a literal blueprint for how you can grow your business, and how your backend -- including team structure, process, and systems -- can support that growth.

Stage 5: Delivery

We meet for 1 hour via Zoom so I can walk you through your Blueprint. I’ll go over my recommendations for systems, processes, and software, including what changes you need to make to your backend to hit your growth goals, a realistic timeline for these changes, and my suggested process for changing over.

The Growth Blueprint is customized to your individual business, but it usually includes the following:

  • Growth & Capacity Plan (how you get from here to there)

  • Operations Assessment (where you are right now)

  • Responsibility/Accountability Map (who does what)

  • Software Blueprint (software/app recommendations)

  • System Map (how all the new tools will connect to one another)

  • Operations Priority Matrix (what to do first, what not to do)

  • Change Management suggestions for a smooth transition

Timeline: 4 weeks

Investment: $3500


 Get Out of Your Growth Stall With The Growth Blueprint

Growing your company shouldn’t mean sacrificing the quality of work you do…

Or leaving your clients dissatisfied because another ball slipped through the cracks -- again

Or needing to work more than you already do.

Rebuilding your backend is the simplest, easiest way to achieve all of those goals.

And I’ll deliver the exact, step-by-step plan to get you there.

You Can’t Grow Without a Plan