Do you consider the software we already use?

I always ask about the software you’re currently using - that’s a big chunk of what we talk about during your interview session. I want to know why you’re using it, what you like and don’t like about it. If it’s something that works well, that you love and that will work with everything else in your MasterPlan, I’ll probably recommend you keep using it.

If it’s something you don’t like, causes problems or would limit your ability to automate, I’ll give you some alternative options that would work better, and I’ll be clear on what limitations you’ll have if you choose to keep the old system.

We're just have a simple business. Do we really have to start with the Autopilot MasterPlan? Can’t we just move on to implementation?

Yes, you really do have to start with a MasterPlan. I can’t recommend software to make your business run better if I don’t understand how your business runs in the first place. And we can’t implement something if we don’t know what we’re implementing. Even if you perceive that your business is “simple,” there’s a ton of moving pieces - and that’s where the magic can happen.

Can we do some of the implementation ourselves?

Nope! If you could do some of it, you’d be doing all of it and you wouldn’t be here right now. I’ve crafted ScaleSpark’s processes carefully to ensure that your implementation goes smoothly - that’s the best part of working with us.

Can you come onsite?

We can, for most of the services we offer. However, the important thing to note here is that it means an increased rate for the service, as well as travel costs to and from your location.

Why is remote interaction better?

Remote interaction allows us to deliver our services at a much lower cost to you, the client. You don’t have to cover travel time and I don’t have to factor lost time into our pricing.

How much will this cost?

Our initial service, Autopilot MasterPlan has prices posted right on the page

Pricing for implementation depends on the scale of the project. We don’t do cookie-cutter implementations. Each system is hand-picked and configured especially for you and your business. But that means pricing is dependent on how many systems we’re implementing, the scale of those systems, etc.

All our services, especially implementation, are priced by the project, not by the hour, so you know up-front exactly how much your project will cost. When we deliver your Autopilot MasterPlan, we’ll also deliver a proposal for implementation with a detailed quote for your specific implementation.

Looking for some ballpark implementation pricing? Let’s chat

How long does it take?

Our Autopilot MasterPlan service is delivered in one week or less.

How long an implementation project takes is again dependent on scale of the project, but the average single-platform implementation normally takes about four weeks. Most of our implementations are complete within eight to twelve weeks, and then we provide at least 30 days of support after you’re up and running with all your systems.

How much of my (the client) time will this take?

We do our best to make the whole process as easy for you as possible. Most of your time will be providing us information about your existing processes (or about what you’d like the process to look like going forward), and towards the end of implementation, with training on your new systems.

We take care of all the heavy lifting - the data migration, the configuration of all the new systems, the strategy. Our goal for each implementation is to make it feel like it happens as if by magic - you give us the info we need, we go away and make it happen, and come back to you with with your new system, all set up and ready to go.

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