Connect with your clients faster, easier & better


Drift is a service automation powerhouse

Drift combines the automation power of chatbots, landing pages, automated scheduling, email marketing… and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

It’s what we use here at ScaleSpark, and what we recommend to many of our clients.

Drift is a single platform that can replace:

  • Calendly/Acuity

  • Mailchimp/Active Campaign/ConvertKit

  • All your webforms

  • Support center/Knowledgebase

While most people think of Drift as a conversational marketing platform - that’s how they market themselves, after all… at ScaleSpark, we think Drift is the automation platform of the future.


Our Favorite Features


Convert Better & Faster

  • Speed matters when it comes to leads - responding faster is better.

  • Using Drift means you can talk to potential clients at the exact moment they’re interested. This means a faster sales cycle and better conversion rates.

Better Customer Service

  • With Drift, you can respond to your leads and customers faster - answer questions when they have them and provide the right resources, even when you’re not in the office.

  • Drift is a chance to bring delight to your clients and turn them into raving fans.


  • Using Drift means you and your team can book sales appointments in your sleep.

  • It means you can qualify your leads without lifting a finger, that you can answer their questions even when you’re not around.

Contacting potential customers within an hour of receiving a query makes you nearly seven times as likely to qualify the lead.
— Harvard Business Review

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