App Review: Paperform

What is Paperform?

Paperform is a software used to create online forms that are beautiful, simple and look just like a normal webpage. You can use them to accept payment, get information, or even use them as an opt-in on your Medium posts.

You can use them as quizzes, application forms, to create quotes, or like we do - to automate and streamline client on-boarding and data collection.

We use Paperform to on-board clients and help automate the data collection process

We use Paperform to on-board clients and help automate the data collection process

Paperform's Best Features

Beautiful and Natural

Paperform forms feel natural embedded in a website. They are clean and simple - not clunky and ugly. Paperform forms look just like if you created a page on your webpage. There's no unnecessary clutter, but you can customize the look and feel however you want.

You can create a branding theme to match your Paperform to the rest of your visual brand, so it's a seamless transition for your clients, leads or whoever is filling out your forms. 


The Paperform editor allows you to build forms with point and click. 

Paperform Editor.PNG

You have complete control over how your questions and information appear -which questions appear on which pages, how they are grouped and how all the questions interact. 

It's intuitive and even the most technology-phobic among us could build a Paperform without getting too nervous. 

Value & Features

The lowest subscription package is $15 per month. With that you get question logic, calculations (scoring and dynamic pricing), submission redirects, connections to Stripe, Braintree and PayPal to collect payments, unlimited forms, 1K submissions per month, access to sell products or subscriptions, and integration with Zapier. There's actually more features on this plan, but those are the highlights.

That's a whole lotta features at a pretty minimal cost, especially when you compare it to other form creation products on the market. Even the base paid plan on Typeform is double that cost and doesn't have anywhere close to those features. 

Room for Improvement

Style Customization

While you can customize the branding and theme of your form, you're limited to Google Fonts. I'd love to see some expansion with the theme options to allow you to upload custom fonts. You can use custom CSS, but only with the top-end Agency package, which is kind of a bummer. 

Other than the customization piece, I haven't run into anything that I (or a client) wanted to do with Paperform that we couldn't do. Have you used it? What improvements would you like to see? 

Who is Paperform best for?

Anyone who needs to collect information.

It can be used in pretty much any format - surveys, quizzes, intake forms, feedback forms, etc., so if you're collecting information from someone online, this is a great choice for you.

Though you can create product and subscription pages, it's not the best if you're selling more than one or two products, but it works very well as an application + subscription collection. 

Productivity PowerUp

Connect Paperform to Zapier to really harness the power of automation. You can port information from Paperform into just about any other software. 

Here are a few examples:

  • Add a line or record in Google Sheets or AirTable to have a table of all your form responses
  • Use it as a trigger to populate an on-boarding workflow like creating a set of folders in Google Drive when a new client comes on board
  • Program application + subscription collection - connect it to Stripe or Braintree to use it to automate recurring payments for new clients
  • Collect files from clients as part of an on-boarding and save those files to the appropriate folders in Google Drive

Want to try Paperform for your own business? 

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**Disclosure: We also get 10% off when you subscribe via one of the links in this article. But, we happily pay full price for the software, whether you subscribe or not, and haven't been compensated to recommend it.**