5 cool things you didn't know Drift did

If you’ve been paying attention in the marketing space, you’ve probably heard of the folks over at Drift. They believe you should make sales and marketing human again- which is a pretty awesome concept - who couldn’t use to be more human when they’re talking to folks online?

Drift, as a company, mostly talks about conversational marketing - and that’s how they sell Drift, which is ostensibly a live chat/chatbot platform. But… at ScaleSpark, we like to focus on automation, so for us, Drift is an automation + customer service powerhouse that just happens to have some cool marketing and sales benefits.

Drift ships new features SO fast, it’s sometimes hard to keep up…

so here are the top 5 features they’ve added recently that are just so darn cool (and can go a long way towards some major automation for your business).  

1) Drift Meetings

Drift Meetings is a feature that lets you book meetings automatically, just like Calendly, Acuity or ScheduleOnce.

My super cool landing page

My super cool landing page

As part of your account (even the free one), you get a Drift Profile that gives you a shareable link to let folks book time on your schedule, and you get a cool landing page like this ->.

It hooks up to your calendar, so clients and prospects won’t have the option to schedule a meeting when you’re already booked. If you upgrade to the Pro plan, you can harness the chatbots to qualify leads and book meetings automatically, even when you’re out of the office.

If you’re not already booking meetings automatically, using Drift Meetings can save a ton of time (you’d really be surprised how much the back-and-forth emails to schedule meetings actually suck out of your day). If you are using something else to automatically book meetings, Drift can replace that, so you simplify your software stack and save money (if you’re on a paid plan with those other services).

The only thing Drift Meetings doesn’t offer (yet?) is the ability to process payments. So, if you’re using your scheduling software to charge your clients for your services, you may not want to completely switch just yet.

But… you could do what I’ve done at ScaleSpark and switch my initial “are we a good fit” calls to Drift. I don’t charge for them, but I love getting to use the next feature on our list…

2) Drift Assistant

Drift Assistant will shoot you an email before your meeting, and hand you research about the person you’re about to meet with. You get information about what company they work at, their contact info, links to their social media profiles, and a timeline of how the meeting was booked (which web pages did they check out, did they talk to a bot or a person, what did they talk about, etc.).

Image from  Drift.com

Image from Drift.com

If you’re on the Pro plan or higher and you are using Salesforce, Drift Assistant will also bring in the Salesforce record, remind you to follow up with leads who cancel meetings, as well as reminding you to send next steps.

You can control and customize when you get the email, so you get the right info, at the right time and you can be prepared for every call.

Drift Assistant is available on all plans, including the free plan. For the Salesforce piece, though, you’ll need to be on the Pro plan or higher.

3) Drift Signatures

Here’s mine… I’m not using the banner option

Here’s mine… I’m not using the banner option

Drift Signatures allows you to customize your email signature block (including graphics), and to also push that out to your whole team. So, if you’re using WiseStamp, or you created a cool signature in Canva and just attach it to your email, Drift Signatures can replace that.

You can include a headshot, social media links, and a banner image (actually one of 5 options) to include. You’re really only limited by your imagination when it comes to what you can include.

Here’s a version from  Drift.com , with the banner included

Here’s a version from Drift.com, with the banner included

If you’re using Gmail (it only works with Gmail for now), Drift will push your customized signature out on all your emails.

Using Drift Signatures, you also get built-in analytics. How many views, clicks, and conversations came from your email signature (and you can compare different team members conversions as well).

Drift Signatures is available on all plans, including the free one. So, it’s a quick win - you get a professional, fancy-looking signature and you’re out…. Precisely zero dollars.

4) Drift Help

If you get a lot of the same questions over and over, or you just want to organize your content, Drift Help is for you. It’s a tool to help you organize your help documentation all in one place. So, if you’ve got a knowlegebase somewhere else, Drift Help can replace it.

Drift Help on Drift.com

Drift Help on Drift.com

Drift Help is available on all plans, including the free one - but the real wins come with using bots (so, Pro plan and up). You can use your bots to serve up just the right help documentation, FAQ, or whatever other pieces of content to your prospects and clients.

If you start using Drift but find that you’re constantly answering the same questions over and over, or you have support documentation about how to use your site, your products, etc. Drift Help might be a great option to use your bot to help take that burden off you and your team.

It’s really just a place to organize bits of content, so you could use it for pretty much any content you want - it doesn’t have to be help-related. You could be really creative.

5) Conversational Landing Pages

Conversational landing pages are Drift’s newest feature release. It’s just what it sounds like - a landing page to start a conversation. It’s basically a landing page with a chatbot on it.

So… instead of driving prospects to a sales page, you can drive them right into a conversation with you (or a bot). They’re intended to be used with sales campaigns - so someone clicks on an ad on Facebook, they land on this page and hop right into a conversation with your bot.

One of Drift’s landing pages

One of Drift’s landing pages

Conversational Landing Pages are a branded, focused place for your prospects to do ONE thing - like register for your latest webinar, grab a content upgrade or just hop right into a conversation. You can track your page view data in Google Analytics or with a Facebook Pixel.

These landing pages are really new (they only came out about two weeks ago), so we’re still figuring out all the cool potential uses for these - what would you use them for?

But… Drift has been using them for a while and is seeing a pretty decent conversion rate jump from these pages.

Conversational Landing Pages are only available on the Pro plan and higher, so this is the one feature on our list that’s not at least partially available on the free plan. But, it’s new, it’s cool, so I thought I’d include it on the list.

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