The key to the perfect system

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There is no perfect system. Except that there is. 

I get a lot of questions asking about which system.  Am I supposed to pick Asana or Trello? Xero or Quickbooks? Hubspot or Infusionsoft? There's no right answer. But there's also no wrong answer. 

The "perfect" system, the one that will turn you into a Bombproof Business, is the one that's perfect for YOU. But it probably won't be the one that's perfect for the business owner next to you. Their perfect system, the one that will turn them into a Bombproof Business, might be something else entirely.

Your ideal business operation, what works for you, what you envision, and the one that will ultimately let you grow into whatever it is you want it to be, needs to be tailored to how you work. There might be a software out there that does absolutely everything you want it to do, but you can't stand the way the software looks or feels. So you won't use it, because you hate being in the software. 

The best business operations systems is one that you WANT to use. Any database is only as good as the information that gets put into it. If you don't want to use it, you won't put information in it, and even if it's the best, most robust tool out there, to you, it's a bunch of crap that you're always fighting against. 

Paper versus Technology

I hate paper. It's messy and disorganized.  I can never find the piece of paper I'm looking for. If I have paper, it has to be in clean stacks on my desk and it drives me insane when they get spread around, willy-nilly.  I'm a geek at heart and I LOVE technology (good thing, too, since I do that for a living). So, just about every system I have is digital.

Digital means that I can always search for whatever it is I'm looking for and find it, almost instantaneously. My to-do list is always with me, on my phone (or whatever device I happen to be holding at the time). If I have an idea for a blog post, or new business service/product, or I need to remember to buy milk, it immediately gets put on a list because otherwise I'll forget it.

My systems are set up perfectly for how my brain thinks and how I like to work. All the tools I use make sense to me and the digital world makes me more efficient. 


I once had a boss who LOVED paper. Every email he'd ever been sent, every policy memo, numerous to-do lists and reminders, he printed it all out (with my CFO-self cringing every single time). His office floor, desk, conference table and every single flat surface were lined with groups of papers, all papercliped together. We actually stopped being able to have meetings in his office because the papers were everywhere. It was a little Howard Hughes-y. 

But, ask that man for a specific paper, and he could find it for you within a minute or two, give you background on the entire situation from a glance of the cover sheet and get you out of his office and back in action within minutes. 

Because it was HIS perfect system. It was the system that made him totally efficient and organized. To the outside person, it looked crazy. I couldn't ever make heads or tails of whatever his system was, but it worked perfectly FOR HIM. 

Find your perfect system

That's the important part. His insane piles of paper were HIS perfect system. My digital, connected series of software apps is MY perfect system. To create a Bombproof Business, you need to find YOUR perfect system. The one that will help you be ruthlessly efficient. The one that makes the repetitive, boring work take less time and helps you spend your valuable time doing the things that bring the most value to your business. 

Unwind the Grind

Our Unwind the Grind process is designed be the road map for YOUR perfect system.  We talk through how you work and what you like and don't like and come up with a plan for how to get you there, working in your ideal bombproof business operation.

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