3 Business Rules You Should Never Follow

1) There is a "Right" and a "Wrong" way

Some common questions we hear working with clients (and out in the world): 

  • Should I use Asana or Trello?
  • Xero or Quickbooks Online? 
  • Infusionsoft or Hubspot?

Everyone wants to know what everyone else does, so they can pick the "right" system, the one that is the magic bullet to "fix" their operations.

There is no "right" way to go about automating your business operations. Sure, we use a lot of the same tools over and over, but each business is different. Each business owner works and thinks and operates in a different way. Even if they use the same tool, they use them in different ways. 

2) Technology will fix everything

Technology won't fix what's broken. Technology is intended to automate the process, but if you don't have a process to begin with, you end up with a pile of automatic crap, not #ProductivityPorn.

You can't make something automatic if you aren't repeating the same thing. First, you have to define the steps, define the process. THEN, you can harness the power of technology to make it magically happen. 

See it in action

Sarah owns a coaching firm. She's been struggling with being more organized when she's working with clients and so she wants a tool to "fix" it. She asks her small business owner Facebook group what tool they use to stay organized, and gets 15 different answers. Now Sarah is even more confused and can't figure out which tool is the right one. 

So, she picks the one that had the most "votes," and turns it on. But she finds that she's still really disorganized, the new tool isn't helping. Why not? Because she doesn't have a solid process.

So, Sarah starts over. She sits down and figures out what her process should be. In her ideal business, what do Bombproof Business Operations look like? Once she defines her process, that helps her figure out what she needs to look for in tools to help her automate, streamline and improve. #WIN.  

3) Set it and forget it 

Every system and process can always be improved. It can always be just that little bit better - even systems that are already efficient and automated. Constantly both defining and refining your process will lead to a continually improving operation, that delivers better value to your clients and makes your life easier. 

Think about when you're working with a client... is every part of your process delivering maximum efficiency and value? If you have your process somewhat automated, can you use that new free time to add more value to your services, or to refine your processes even further? 

Need some help with this? 

Our Unwind the Grind process will step you through defining what your process should be and help you pick the tools that are right for you.