I help founders & CEOs stay in their Zone of Genius

by dealing with the details — so you can do the deep work


Project & Client Management

Software & Processes

Accounting & Finance

Human Resources

How It Works

I work with my clients in a variety of ways — every business is different, so my services are customized to what you do.

But… ya’ gotta start somewhere — choose a starting point here, or if you’re not exactly sure what you need, let’s chat.


Be Your Integrator

Whether they’re a “project manager” or “COO,” the Integrator is the person you can turn to and say, “I have an awesome idea — make it happen.”

As your Integrator, I handle the day-to-day details — so you can stay in your Zone of Genius and do what you do best.


Straighten The Stack™

Thinking about your software stack?
Trying to figure out what software will work for you?
Or how to get it set up right?

Whether you’re trying to figure out which app will magically solve your project management problems, or you think you’ve picked the one to make it happen, start here.


Damn, I dunno…

Not sure what you need?
Or where you need to start?

That’s ok (and completely normal, btw)

Are we a good fit to work together?

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